Instructions for filling out Financial Forms


Please complete the forms you have been given.  Basic instructions are listed below.  You may call me (Tom Parnelle) at 704-867-7939 or email me at if you have any questions.  Once you have completed these forms, please contact me to setup a follow-up appointment.


Form 1 – Monthly Income and Expenses

Please estimate number; do not feel like you have to be exact.  This form is designed to paint a picture of current income and expenses.  You may round to the nearest dollar.


Form 8 – List of Debts

This is a list of whom you owe money.  This is not a list of your monthly bills for items such as electricity, rather for assets like a car, house, college loan or a simple loan.


Form 9 – Telephone Contact Checklist

This is just basic information about your need for financial counseling.


Form 10 – Personal Data

This is an agreement to attend counseling sessions and to complete all work as assigned.  It also will require action and items for you to bring to each meeting.


Form 13 – Counseling File Log

We keep everything in your file including any discussions confidential.  This forms lists the names of the people and only those people who may have access to your counseling file  I just need you to sign the blank area at the bottom.


Form 17 – Financial Statement

Please list all assets and liabilities and calculate your net worth.  Do not be discouraged if it is a negative number.  It is only a starting point.  Below are definitions for what is needed in each section of the document.

-         Liquid Assets are items you can sell quickly like cash, savings accounts, checking accounts, jewelry, and furniture.

-         Invested Assets are usually items like retirement accounts, IRA’s, 401K, 403B, Real Estate, CD’s and Antiques. 

-         Use Assets are your Residence, Autos, Personal Belongings

-         Liabilities are any outstanding Real Estate Loans, Credit Cards, Auto Loans or Personal Loans