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January 30, 2010


This came from Courtney Shonk Johnson.  She said this is a kid proof recipe.  Give it a try and see if they like it.

Beef and Tater Bake
Prep: 25 min: Bake: 25 min

4 Cups frozen Tater Tots
1 lb ground beef (or turkey-we used the 93% lean beef)
1 pkg frozen chopped broccoli, thawed (we used broccoli florets)
1 can condensed cream of broccoli soup, undiluted (I forgot this at the store so we used cream of chicken...worked just fine)
1 medium tomato, chopped
1 can french-fried onions
1 cups shredded Colby- Monterey Jack Cheese
1/3 cup of milk
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/8 tsp pepper

*Place tater tots in an ungreased 13x9 baking dish, uncovered at 400 deg for 10 mins.
*Meanwhile, in a large skillet, cook beef over medium heat until no longer pink; drain. Stir in the broccoli, soup, tomato, 3/4 cup french fried onions, 1/2 cup cheese, milk, garlic powder, and pepper; heat through. Pour over tater tots.
*Cover and bake 20 mins. Un cover; sprinkle with remaining onions and cheese. Bake 5-10 mins longer or until cheese is melted.

Yields:12 servings


E-Meals - Is it really a deal?

Leslie Davis sent me a facebook message and recommended E-Meals.  I reviewed it and found that even Dave Ramsey the financial genius recommended it.  IF he recommnded it then it must be OK.

WOW, it is awesome.  Here are the detail.:

  • 5 dollars a month subscribe
  • You get your choice of 23 menus. 
  • Each menu is designed for a certain sized family.
  • Each menu is designed for you to shop at a certain grocery store
  • Grocery Store menus are for Generic, Aldi, Walmart and national Chains
  • They offer Vegan, Lo Carb, Lo Calorie, Points System Menus
  • They provide a PDF file which you download weekly
  • Each download has a menu and a shopping list

Let me tell you why I like this.  It saves me a lot of planning time each week, I just take the list and go shopping.  It provided me with 5 meals a week which is great at our house.  We always have leftovers so these stretch into more meals.  I have been doing this for 3 weeks and found it very affordable if you are looking to save time.  I had to stock up on a few cupboard items so the first week ran me a little more but since then I have been under $80/Week.  Of course I am only feeding 3 at my house these days while the kids are away at college so it could be a little more. 

I encourage you to email me at and ask me to send you one of the POINTS menu's that I recieved.  You can alos go online to review their sample menus to get a better idea.  If you want to save time and have some great meals with a lot of variety, this is the option for you.


The Super Bowl is almost here.  Don't forget to go and check my past newsletters on Facebook (Group: Meals for a Deal) or on the website ( for ideas.  We did a newsletter back in December that will help you with some great snack ideas.

Today it is snowing and a great time to cook some chili that will warm your bones.  Here are a few recipes that I have cooked and are delicious.  Warn up a bowl today with some sour cream or cheddar cheese.  I really like the Weight Watchers chili and it is a house favorite.  Of course I always tempted to heat it up with a little more Cayenne Pepper.

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