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Two Pillbury Cresent Roll Tubes (refridgerated section)
One stick of Butter
Chili peppers - (you pick the heat level, and the state of the chili. They can be whole,
(my fav) halved, roasted, diced, or evern powdered!
Block of cheese - I prefer pepper jack, or cheddar - it's gonna melt!

1. Unroll the Pillbury dough and cut each pre-perfed triangle into three sections, still triangles.
2. Place a chile, or some chiles, etc, and a chunk of cheese in the center of a triangle.
3. Roll it up, and fold-over the side pieces, pinching them closed.
4. Bake on a greased cookie sheet according to the directions on the package.
5. The last two minutes or so, brush some melted butter on the tops to make them
golden brown.

6. Let 'em cool to the touch, and serve just warm. Let the chilis bring the heat!

ENJOY! These things take less than ten minutes, and they ROCK!

Submitted By: Tom Parnelle

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