Tom Parnelle - Entrepreneurial Management Class Survey

Tilapia Farm and Fish Producer

Do you or your family eat fish?
Why do you eat Fish?
What types of fish do you like to eat?
How often do you eat fish?
How often and how much fish do you purchase?
How much do you pay for fish?

Where do you purchase your fish? Why?

Is quality most important to you in selecting your fish or is price?
What are some of the qualities you look for when buying Fish?
Fresh Caught or Frozen Fish, is there a difference? Why?
What has been your experience eating Tilapia?
What impact would eating more Tilapia fish have on your family?
How do you suggest we educate people about our Tilapia fish product?
What can we offer to encourage you to purchase more Tilapia fish?
What concerns if any do you have with moving forward with purchasing more Tilapia fish?